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The metal and mercury collection includes European and Spanish inspired crowns, wings, Memento boxes, mercury glass hearts and metal Ex-Voto Hearts. The first design of this collection was the reproduction of the Ex-Voto heart.


An ex-voto has been used for centuries as a gift of offering of thanks or remembrance to a Saint or Divinity. It is given in fulfillment of a vow, hence the term “Voto” derived from the Latin word for vow. Ex-votos were placed in churches or chapels on the sides of the altar, and the priest would turn and refer to these during prayer. Parishioners would hang these hearts to commemorate an event such as a wedding or new birth. The initials “PGR” shown on the Ex-Voto Heart stand for “Per Grazia Ricevuta” which translates to “For Grace Received”. They are beautiful as a home accent or gifts of well wishes for newlyweds, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby arrivals.